Cadre Goals: 7 Word Story

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Vanessa Clark

Share your 7 word Cadre Goals story here!


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Jessica Hageman

Connected learners livin, sharin, Oregon’s dream pd!

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Wes Estvold

Four Guys: 7 Word Story

Human Network Emerging Tech Practicing PD Together

Now meditate on this, to make sure this is the route that we want to go

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Bret Adkins

Here to discuss, improve, and integrate edtech!

-from Becky, Lisa, Erin, Vanessa, and Bret

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Sonia Lulay

We meet and learn from AWESOME people!

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Bailey Davenport

Sweet Home is beginning with technology integration! :)

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Mike Brown

Learning and Collaborating by, Modeling, Strategies, Technology

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Sudi Stodola

Transformers-harnessing power of technology for learning!

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Jin Roger Hay

“Must collaborate effectively utilizing tech,” Yoda says. -from Jennifer, Ryan, and Roger

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Jeff Rhoades

Networking through technology practicing technology and learning together (Hyku version)

Networking through promoting technology and learning together (No Hyku version)

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Brady Strutz

See attached image

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Nichole Carter

A sketchnote from our table…

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Jake Lee

Much like the crew of Star Trek, we must collaborate and network with other members of our galaxy using amazing new technology tools to move our galaxy and schools forward.