Breakout Sessions: Creativity

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Melissa Lim

Please upload the artifacts you create during our session by adding a new comment. Session slidedeck is at


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Dalton Sheets

Here’s my thing!

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Justin Huntley

My Crello Creation for Facebook - (Disclaimer - It’s homecoming and this is our dress day tomorrow.)

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Heather Marrs

Made with Adobe Spark Post. Quick, visual, social reflections using Snapchat, Adobe Spark, PicCollage, Google Slides, etc. whatever works for you! Check out #EduSnaps on Twitter.

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Christie Boen

Here’s my Adobe Page:

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Mike Brown

Here is a flyer that I made in Canva announcing an upcoming Tech PD Experience. I am also including a screenshot of some notes that I began taking using Google Keep.

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Kevin Kretschmer
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Misty Jackson

Here is my Adobe Post. Very quick example…spent time playing with Adobe Page too - love it!

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Dr. Daniel Huld

Here is a quick Canva and Meme:) Couple of fun tools!

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Eric Nichols
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Linda Saling

Using Crello I created a mini poster of my summer travels.

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Alex Allen

New-ish add-on feature in Google Slides. Some add-ons work, some are sketchy.

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Kevin Kretschmer

Photoshop mix

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Allan Chinn

Adobe Spark first attempt

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Robin Shobe

I used Adobe Spark. I was able to select a Facebook landing page collage template and create a new landing photo for my Facebook page: AugmentOregon:

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Allan Chinn

Canva PTO Family Movie Night Poster

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Tod Johnston

My kids are dialed into Ghostbusters

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John Craft
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Jennifer Larson I created a quick Adobe Spark page to test it out. I would love to see how you have used this with teachers or students. Thanks, Jenny

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Melissa Lim

Hi Jenny, Here's the monthly newsletter I create with Adobe Spark.

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Melissa Garner

Not one of the tools listed, but I used Microsoft Sway to build several web pages for the free digital tools that ODE offers to schools. All those Sways are linked off our flyer for the free tools. Check it out!

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Mary Sizemore

Some inspirational posters for seniors using Canva and Adobe

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Nicholas Leonard

An example of an advertisement for an upcoming student trip to Costa Rica.

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Erin Rodriguez

I created this as an example for my students for a video they can create for their Night of the Notables Project.

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Allan Chinn