Applied Learning Questions AND What makes a great field trip??

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Dan Findley

Please discuss these questions around your circle. Post your individual or group responses to generate discussion and excitement!

“Applied” Opportunities

1) How did you discover your (work) passion? 2) How were you introduced to the work you do now? 3) How did you learn to _____________________ ? (e.g., ride a bike, learn to write code, build something)


A) What is your idea of a great field trip? B) What elements would make you really jump at the opportunity to visit a new place? C) What doesn’t work??


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Mike Brown

I think that students can practice the skills that are used/useful in industry. My passion came from the CTE world - having students do practical work that is shared.

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Nichole Carter

I think it would be awesome if the business field trips focused on reiterating the 21st century skills they require of their employees, those skills are useful pieces that teachers can take back into the classroom and work on.