2017-18 Winter: Regional Mapping Work Time

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Vanessa Clark

It’s time to start storyboarding! In order to create a Story Map for your region in the spring, you will need to begin planning what you will include in your Story Map. What you show in your region’s Story Map doesn’t need to be all maps, though it should have at least one by preference. You may also photos, images, or other visuals, and you will need to use text.  

Before you start storyboarding, you might want to look at ESRI’s Story Map page for inspiration. This will give you a look into what types of media you might need.  

Once your group is ready to start, you are welcome to use any storyboarding tool you want. If you need help, may we suggest a storyboard template on Canva, a free storyboarding tool called Storyboard That, or a PDF Storyboard Template to start?  

Rather than asking you to produce anything specific at the end of this time, we ask that you walk away with a plan with which your geographic group is comfortable and come to spring Cadre with the resources you need.