2017-18 Winter: Digital Citizenship and Digital Security

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Vanessa Clark

After reviewing Trace My Shadow and the Google Safety Center resources, you participated in Conver-Stations discussions. With your final Conver-Station group of four, post your reflections and take-aways from what you learned in this discussion thread.

There are more digital security resources in the Cadre group’s resources section to explore when you have time!



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Carolyn Kirschmann

Consider researching LifeLock. Someone in our group gave info. on this product and it is worth looking into.

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Angela Arends

Digging deeper into Trace my Shadow and Google resources as well as sharing information with the community, family, students.

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Erin Shepherd

Our takeaways: Trace My Shadow is a great tool to help staff and students to know how they are being tracked. We plan to use it with parents, teachers, students and ourselves.

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Gail Anderson

Trace My Shadow is a great resource, user friendly, intuitive We will share w/co-workers, family

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Sonia Lulay

We need to protect ourselves by staying up on the best ways to keep our info private. Look into life lock. Check My Account settings in Google to disable unused extensions.

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Mike Brown

Helping our students, parents, and teachers understand how important caring for personal information is is a primary concern. We should be working with parents to share resources so they can use them for their own families digital safety. Educators can be working to improve their own digital privacy and citizenship. Improving passwords and data sharing practices is important!

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Alex Allen

3:30 and the sun is out let’s roll!

password managers trace my shadow is useful

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Linda Saling

Two factor authentication to protect your google account. Go incognito when you are searching on google, especially on someone’s else’s computer. Go to google account, security checkup, to disconnect devices that your aren’t using. Get in the habit of signing out, especially on shared computers.

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Misty Jackson

Surprised at the different levels of trace on the social media sites. Trace My Shadow could be a good starting point for conversation with students. The 5 tips were helpful in the Trace My Shadow. The Google Safety center items were interesting and helpful as well.

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Britten Clark-Huyck

We learned about:

Be internet awesome: https://beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com/

Ghostery Chrome extension

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