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Jean Gritter

Welcome to the Oregon Association of School Libraries, serving school librarians and library staff across the state. School library staff often work in relative isolation from their library colleagues, so this group is a place to share resources, discussion, and support. Please join this digital group, and if you are not yet a member of OASL, please see the membership resource under the “Resources” tab so that you can receive the many additional benefits OASL membership provides!


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Jean Gritter

Hello! I am Jean Gritter, teacher-librarian at West Albany High School in Greater Albany Public Schools. I taught high school English for many years before moving to the library, and worked in a tech field before that, which means I like both books *and* computers.

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Colleen Henry

Hi Jean! Excited to see OASL on OEN - looking forward to collaborating online with other Teacher Librarians in Oregon!

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Kori Kunz

Hi All,
Kori Kunz, Sheldon High School Librarian, here. Looking forward to feeling connected to y'all!

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Lynn Lary

Hi! I'm Lynn Lary and I work in the Springfield Public Schools where I currently support our library program. :-)

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peggy christensen

Peggy Christensen from Marshfield High School in Coos Bay.

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Melissa Carr

Hi all! I'm Melissa Carr from Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis.

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Yvonne Atteberry

Hi, I'm a EA librarian at the Maple Elementary in Springfield District