Library MakerSpace

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Amy Page

I attempted to start a MakerSpace in my library and have many questions (here’s my rather lame first attempt: Has anyone else attempted a library MakerSpace? When do kids have access to it? How do you make it accessible to all students? I’m worried about the space distracting students away from checking out books. Do you have volunteers to assist with this space? Anyone have any ideas on how to manage it? I would love to hear your stories and any wisdom you have to share.


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Lynn Lary

You need to check out !! It would be a fun activity (although your not really making anything...although you could challenge the kids to make a breakoutedu game for your library)!!

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Jean Gritter

I am trying to figure out our MakerSpace, too, but I am thinking it will be a draw to pull kids into the library. :-) This may be a secondary / elementary difference.