Collection Development and Funding

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Lynn Lary

I’m curious about how districts are developing library collections. Specifically:

  1. How does your district fund library purchases? Does it provide a line item for each school or does each school have to provide its own funds?

  2. How does your district support collection development? Are there district recommendations? Does each school make its own selections and if so, who is involved in the selection process? How do your purchases align with common core?


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Jean Gritter

In my district, libraries are funded within individual building budgets, and it's up to those principals to determine what the library budget is for their building (as you can imagine, there's quite a range). I am working on figuring out ways to support libraries without certified librarians, and some of the ideas I've had around Collection Development are: maintaining a list of title recommendations on a shared spreadsheet, recommending and assisting in the arrangement of subscription services like Junior Library Guild, and providing access to reviews in professional journals.