Oregon HS Math Conceptual Framework - Draft 2018

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Grade levels: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Higher ed

Content areas: Math, STEM

Topics: math, Math Standards, high school, High School Success

Type of resource: Other

Below is the 2018 Draft Framework for the HS math standards shared at the Moving Math Forward event in Portland, OR. The intent the document is to provide a framework to design high school courses in advance of our 2020 standards adoption. Feedback on the framework will inform the future versions of the high school math standards. Initial feedback can be sent to myself, but look for more opportunities to connect in the coming months as well.


PDF icon 1_or_hs_math_framework_draft_2018.pdfPDF icon 2_or_hs_math_framework_nctm_crosswalk_draft_2018.pdfPDF icon 3_or_hs_math_framework_sbac_crosswalk_draft_2018.pdfPDF icon 4_or_hs_math_framework_ccssm_and_nctm_draft_2018.pdf