Conceptual Framework Posted on ODE website

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Mark Freed

I wanted to update the MMF community that the accessible Word version of the conceptual framework shred at the December meeting is now posted on the ODE Mathways Project Webpage under the header of the 2020 High School Math Standards Project. Feel free to share this resource as needed. I do not anticipate the Excel version would be posted, but would be available on request as needed.

I have also set up a public form to collect feedback on the High School conceptual framework. Please feel free to share this resource and use it as often as needed in the next year and an half.

We will be expanding the standards conversation to span the pre-k through high school content expectations and are currently looking for interested educators to participate in either the K-8 review panel, or the High School Math review panel. Please use the Advisory Panel Interest Form if you are an Oregon educator interested in this work starting in Spring 2019.