Favorite Math Apps

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Mark Freed

What are your favorite math apps and why?


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Jennifer Bell

I like the virtual manipulatives from Math Learning Center. They make it easy for students to choose their tools.

I also like the apps from Motion Math. Zoom is one where students gain number sense by zooming in and out of the number line for fractions, decimals, whole numbers, etc.

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Shaun Gross

I am using a classroom set of Ipads to teach AP Statistics, Statistics, and Geometry. I spent just under $900 to get the TI-Inspire CX CAS app for my 30 Ipads. It is amazing what the student reaction is to using this tool. I am learning quickly that I can create activity files ahead of time using my desktop computer software (TI-Inspire) and the students just download the file from my webpage and off we go. You can download the 90-day free trial of the TI-Inspire software for your desktop and then look on youtube for examples of how this app is used to help students learn mathematics.

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kendra Schlegel

The Math Learning Center has great apps! I also like Sushi Monster from Scholastic. It is a very open ended way to practice combining various addends to make a target number.