Recap of Mornings Conversations

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Terry Bennett

Highlight two or three items from this mornings conversations that you learned and will take back to your school.


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Andrea Shaver

That I need to be part of the planning. Work as a team.

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Jessica Hamlin

6A Conversation 10/25/18

Forest Grove-hired third assistant principal–VP doing grad coaching, grad plan, Freshman on-track–freshman teams–meet monthly, AVID–two per grade level–getting close with school-wide, Late start Wednesdays–every other–PLC one week, PD another–switched PD to grade level data teams (teachers liked the switch)–teams choose 10-15 “yellow” kids–share data…make plans…each teacher focuses on two kids– Lists of interventions–red zone–classes, schedule, placement–yellow list–each teacher picks a yellow zone intervention–building a relationship, etc. Teachers chose interventions–when they talk about a student, they talk about which intervention strategy they are choosing to try with the students. PBIS, SWIS–different data for data teams–students “triggered” to an intervention list, BAG report–if having more than a certain #–highest #’s–not for data teams–data teams focus on strategic–yellow–groups… Attendance more reactive–this year–90% attendance to attend prom/homecoming dances–below 90–write a letter explain why–what will do to improve/what is Find students do go to Saturday school–Hero” attendance/behavior system…kid can’t get into class late without a pass…campus monitors pull in kids with absences…assign detention–if miss, Saturday school–if no show–ISS Home visits–hit kids with consequences on family–what ticket will do to family…

South Salem-freshman teams, AVID, attendance in class everyday–big campaign–How are we engaging parents?

McMinnville-Freshman Teams, One class period–extend…CCC puts together lessons -screencasts–about every two weeks one class is –to do PEP C and C work….CCC–place to meet PEP requirements, attendance task force–teachers duty–duty prep is part of the contract–portion of alphabet by grade level–go find kids, find them, ask why they missed a class, etc. Fr. Teams meet weekly (that is their duty)–staffings, calls home, –teachers, counselor, dean Made sophomore interdisciplinary teaming–some teams tough–freshman teams each recommended ten kids… Attendance percentage reports students (mail merge bag reports–links to comments/tiers/etc.)positive emails to parents A lot of signage on attendance Ties student parking to attendance every 41/2 weeks

Roseburg–freshman SLCs, connection to adult, academic skills, goals Teachers get a sub for half a day to meet with their students for interventions (TIER 2) Tier 3–study sessions, touchi–60 kids on team…ng base with home, detentions, etc. Proficiency based summer school–made up 60% of algebra failures made up…Roseburg & McM change grade Positive Reinforcements–attendance get put in drawings…Quarterly goals–reach, you can win–works well with Tier 1–Tier 2–more individualized goals… Book- Nudge–Behavior economics book “95% of students/people have done this…” appealing–Choice Construction–

Medford, Freshman Academy/Teams, AVID, Comprehensive Guidance Counseling PD/Work,

A2A–wonder if attendance interventions/A2A could be supported by various data teams–needs more collaborative interventions/systemized collaboration (able to reset?–doesn’t currently) … further systematize BAG reports/data teams–