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GBSD: High School Success Coach-focus on 9th grade model, focus on the implementation of 9th grade on track teams, attendance, involved with Stand for Children-cannot fail 1 core class per semester (9th grade only). Barlow HS: 70% freshman, 30% seniors, focus on CRLE, state testing completion, work samples/essential skills. Facilitating communication between counselors and general education about student success. Bruin Chat ID’s interventions monitored every 6 weeks.

Options class: Elective class that kids are attending to develop academic, behavior, targeted teacher.

PPS-Wilson High School: 14 coaches, 1 at each high school-add onto to counseling, focus on attendance. 1st: General Education teacher reaches out. 2nd: Evidence of counselor contact. Progress monitor interventions via intervention log. Team meets every 2 weeks to follow up on interventions. If interventions are not successful then interventions specialist gets involved. Use 3.ADA is the Synergy Platform to pull documented interventions.

LOSD: Re-engagement Specialist-role is to work is Assistant Principal on increasing school attendance. Meeting with students and developing relationships with students. Identify holes, what needs to be taught, develop and oversee alt. pull-out program with BYU/online academy. ASC/RTI: Targeted instruction elective class offered 8/8 periods with ELA and Math Specialist provides support in class. Focus on executive function, core academic support, behavior, and independence.

Forrest Grove High School: High school success coach is offered by counselor and admin. Each counselor mentors students in “yellow zone”. Added an Attendance Outreach Specialist that does home visits and tracks attendance to ensure students are getting to school. Goal is an AVID School.

Questions: How to work with ESD’s to fully use Synergy and avoid multiple systems of data collection? What systems exist that make it easy for gen ed teachers to connect with families and report interventions?

Priorities: Setting up sustainable systems

9OT/SOT GBSD: Yes LOSD: Yes PPS: No, Freshman Success Team FGSD: Yes

Data brought to meetings: GBSD: Attendance, grades (D/F Synergy Reports) LOSD: Attendance, grades PPS: Freshaman Support-attendance, grades FGSD: Attendance

What it looks like when you work with kids: GBSD: GHS Caseload 373 students (entire freshman class). Partner with 9th grade counselor, Stand for Children. Only work with individual students trying to problem solve with attendance and grades, SBHS: class meetings, pick subject and focus on every 3 weeks, work with individuals, team meetings with teachers

PPS: Take on a caseload of 30 students, coordinate with students, establish point person, consult with teachers about attendance and assist with interventions.

FGSD: Relationship building, problem-solving, talk to teachers, admin, parents, bilingual liaison, attendance specialist.

LOSD: Engagement Specialist: Meet about kids, rarely meet with kids. So many meetings can only meet with a few kids per day. RTI Coordinator-works directly with kids and parents. Meet with counselors and teachers to problem solve and employ interventions related to SBAC.

Educations Profiles: GBSD: Counselors and Health Teachers PPS: ? FGSD: Use CIS students must complete in order to earn career credit. Completed during Advisory Period. LOSD: Available in Naviance-counselors role