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Top 3 Priorities - -Serving Hx Underserved Students / Racial Equity -linking chronic absenteeism with graduation rates - Engaging students and families

Holding 9OT/SOT meetings? 9th grade On-rack, Student on track - -PPS - Student Success Teams -9th grade Success Team - not regular meetings for other grade levels -(9th Ontrack Meetings at schools for Freshman Sophomores - What worked well, what can be improved, identify which staff members students have a relationship with - Shift the culture,

What data do you bring? -ADA 10 day, 20 day, -any interventions that have been done with students -identify point person for the student -letters

-Truancy citations - not working in particular school districts

What does it look like when you work with students either as individuals or as a group? -Student/family centered -triage based on what individuals do -teacher/advisor referrals -we do not have the manpower needed to do the work more effectively -Trying to continue to see how we can make the work consistent -we have focal students at our school - staff have about 6 students that they focus on, they communicate consistently, make calls home -try to have more parent involvement -use remind app - google voice

Are Education plan and profiles used as a framework/ reference by students/adults? By Whom? -PPS uses naviance -Oregon connections academy - works to make individual plans -work with counselors