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Debbie Fawcett

Dana-Vernonia Kathy-Athena Weston Debbie Fawcett-Santiam Junior Senior High School Jessica Johnson-Willamette Leadership Academy

What are your top three priorities for this role? 9th grade success Student success specialist Career Coach Grad Coach Academic Advisor Elevate lane county-lane ESD

Connecting to individual students some time during the school day Help them get graduated and a plan for after graduation Make sure seniors are on track to graduate

Are you holding 9OT/SOT Meetings? If so, with what frequency? Who Attends? Who leads? 9th grade on track-Just Vernonia and hired person specific Senior On Track meetings yes,twice a year

What does it look like when you work with students either and individual or as group? Meeting in classrooms and individual meetings with students in our offices. Small group broke down by careers.

Are Education Plan and Profiles uses as frameworks/reference by students/adults by whom Yes

What career learning system is your school using (CIS, Naviance) who has access? CIS


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Colleen Burge
  1. Grades and catching them early if they are falling behind. Creating and working on the profile.
  2. Meetings are being held with all staff in Glide. Gaston has freshman success meetings with all freshmen teachers. The freshman success team in Gervais is one person.
  3. Current grades, absences if they relate to those who have failing grades, concerns based on knowledge of students.
  4. Freshman success class for one district. Individual 9th grade on track coach is pulling students and working to retake tests and complete work in another district. VP is looking at grades and attendance and meeting with kids at other district
  5. Profiles are used in Glide and done in Success class. In Gaston not done by 9th grade on track coach but rather done by counselor and others. Personal Education Plan is used in Gervais.