Badging and Microcredentialing from EdWeek

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Melissa Garner

Linked off Aurora, CO’s website, this EdWeek article reports on badging/microcredentialing in a couple districts and from a few researchers. It paints a realistic picture of the future of this trend in education and is worth a read.


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Vanessa Clark

I like that Aurora has worked with local industry partners to make earning the badges meaningful for students. The article also quotes that 15% of IBM's US workforce does not have a bachelor's degree, and that they use credentialing to determine if someone has the skills they need to perform a job. I can imagine that it would be beneficial for industry partners and local community as a whole to introduce badging/micro-credentialing to help students earn the skills they need to work in local industry.

The article also brings up the valid point of whether or not businesses will really want to wade through tons of badges to decide who they should interview/hire. It will be important to work with industry partners to determine what skills are needed, and to figure out how to group and organize badges into skillsets. This kind of organization of badges should help hiring teams who are looking at applications with digital badges to cut down on the granularity of the skills they're looking for.