Two important meetings!

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Donna Brant

Greetings all! We are so excited to begin working with you on your CTE Revitalization projects! There are two very important meetings coming up that we want to make sure you know about:

**Initial Webinar - December 13 @ 3:30pm ** Registration URL: Webinar ID: 700-594-227 Project directors, fiscal staff and participating teachers should attend.

CTE Revitalization Grant Summit - February 23 8:00am-5:00pm @ Eola Viticulture Center, Salem This important meeting is required for all grant recipients. Participants are required to stay for the entire meeting. Additional funds may be available if cost is a barrier to fulfilling this obligation. Agenda will be available prior to the meeting but will include significant networking with other projects, garnering connections and support from workforce partners, sharing of lessons learned for successful implementation of your project plan. Project directors and participating teachers should attend.