Domain: Career

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Grade levels: All Grade Levels

Content areas: School Counseling

Topics: Career Development, career education

Type of resource: Other

This folder contains resources on career development and career education. What is Career Development? They are the standards guiding school counseling programs to help students 1) understand the connection between school and the world of work and 2) plan for and make a successful transition from school to post-secondary education and/or the world of work and from job to job across the life span (ASCA, 2018).

Career development begins in kindergarten and is exemplified by students who are knowledgeable about multiple options and are prepared to enroll and succeed in any post-secondary experience without the need for remediation. Students of all backgrounds possess unique interests, abilities, values and goals, which come together to lead to exciting future opportunities. School counselors at all levels play an important role in helping students realize their potential, achieve their dreams and become productive citizens.


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