Project Based Learning.

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John Lemmons

Hello I am new to the group and excited to gain knowledge about Alternative Education. I currently work in Alt. Ed. and our school is transitioning to project based learning. We have had some struggles the past few years so I am eager to learn of systems that have worked well or ideas that might help us help our student population. We work with a diverse group of students who have many struggles in their young lives. Poverty is high in our area and broken homes are very common. Any help or suggestions would be great and I would love to share with our staff.

John Lemmons


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Connie Cleveland

Hey John, The plan at Harding is Project Base learning. I encourage you to really look into it and how to go about being successful. I personally think there needs to be more professional development brought into the school for staff. In my opinion, we all had a general understanding of what it is, but there isn’t enough knowledge on it to feel comfortable with it

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Eva Williams

John: I am not familiar with PBL but I am interested in networking and learning with you because I am the new Spec Ed teacher at MHS and hope to collaborate with you. I did a little research and posted a resource that you might be interested in. Eva