In It to Win It: Building and Leveraging CTE Advisory Committees to Drive Student Success

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Dan Findley

CTE and STEM advisory committees provide a critical conduit to current industry information and best practices. They help programs achieve and maintain relevance and critical ties to the world beyond education. Both Perkins and the Oregon State Plan call for advisory committees. But simply having a group of interested individuals from business, labor, and industry is not sufficient. In this interactive session, we will explore advisory committees and derive a model for advisory and partner engagement that emphasizes opportunity for programs and the students they serve. Leave with a concept you can start applying the next day.

Introducing…us! Your presenters for this session will be Dan Findley, Education Specialist with Oregon Department of Education (ODE); Brook Rich, Director of CTE and STEM at High Desert ESD, and Ryan Beard, CTE Program Administrator, Metals Artist, and Entrepreneur.

Our outcomes:

  • from the various models and experiences presented, describe how certain elements can be implemented to support their programs by enhancing industry ties that increase student success;
  • expand their professional networks by connecting with at least two (2) colleagues in the room whose experiences will help enhance partnerships and the advisory committee experience;
  • be able to articulate which approaches and tools presented have a propensity to address “pain points” experienced with regard to implementing and optimizing advisories and partnerships;
  • leave with a model to frame the development of their advisory and industry engagement strategy to optimize student opportunity and benefits accruing to the programs themselves.

Our goal:

Our intent is that this session will be highly interactive. Many of you will bring critical content and points of view to this conversation. It is our hope that the discussions will continue long after this conference is over. With that in mind, please feel free to introduce yourself here! To help facilitate this, here’s a handy starter question for you…

  • What do you find to be most attractive about starting or expanding CTE offerings within your building, district, or ESD?

Please check back to see what your colleagues share in the discussion thread. Additionally, we will add a question a day to stimulate best thinking around this important topic.

What to bring?

  • Please bring examples of how you’ve used advisory committees in support of CTE programs.
  • If you’re new to implementing and working with advisory committees, please bring along your questions and plans to date.
  • If possible, please bring along a partner from your district or ESD so that you can brainstorm and evolve ideas as we work through the session.


Dan Findley's picture
Dan Findley

Tuesday’s question: What are some typical approaches you use to leverage the knowledge within the community to support your programs?