High School Success- Freshman on Track focus

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Susy Mekarski

Greetings and welcome! This session will be presented by Susy Mekarski from ODE and Brian Flannery from STAND for Children.

Presentation Description: The Oregon Department of Education (ODE), in collaboration with Stand for Children, will involve participants in rich discussions around High School Success. In particular, this session will focus on the key role of Freshman on Track towards high school success and graduation. While this presentation focuses on Freshman on Track systems to support 9th grade success, these can be fundamental to every grade level and, if implemented with fidelity, can bring about an improved high school experience for students and raise student success metrics.

After participating in this professional learning session, participants will: - Freshman on Track (FOT)- its definition and its implication on various systems in a high school - Understanding the urgency- A brief overview of M98/High School Success and its connection to a successful 9th grade transition, graduation, and post-secondary success. -Supports available from ODE and STAND -What does the FOT work entail? (Learn how to measure FOT, and some of the various systems that support the FOT metric)

Although no pre-reading is necessary, if you wish, you are welcome to read: https://www.oregon.gov/ode/rules-and-policies/ESSA/Documents/APPROVED%20OR_ConsolidatedStateplan8-30-17.pdf (in particular you can refer to page 49. As well on page 49 there is a link for the Oregon Freshman on Track manual that you may want to reference —you will see this on the 5th paragraph from the top)

We welcome anyone who is interested in this area to introduce yourself in the conversation thread and ask any questions or wonderings that you may have :)