Addressing Instruction, Assessment, and Curricula: Understanding Writing Performance Tasks, Scoring Rubrics, and Instructional Implications (3rd – 8th & HS)

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Marie Ballance

This presentation focuses on increasing systems level understanding of the alignment between instruction- assessment- curricula- by developing an understanding the components and skills associated with writing performance task activities. In addition, audience members will gain insight around the scoring rubrics used for the Oregon summative assessment and explore current statewide trends in scoring. Finally, participants will receive recommendations to support teacher professional development in both developing and implementing high quality performance tasks for the purpose of formative and interim assessments.

• Understand components of a Performance Task and skills required for students to be successful.
• Identify current trends in ELA PT performance for the Oregon Summative Assessment and review samples of student work which receive a scoring condition code.
• Examine recommendations for differentiated instructional strategies to support performance task development and student achievement on writing performance tasks.
• Discuss and collaborate professional development opportunities to support teachers’ understanding of performance task activities.

This session will be facilitated by Marie C. Ballance, Ed.D., and Tony Bertrand from Oregon Department of Education.


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Tony Bertrand

Please refer to PowerPoint for access to presentation slides.