Coaching to Create a Culture of Belonging

05/09/2022 - 1:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Professional Development

District/Organization: edWeb

Belonging is associated with joy and human flourishing. Yes, please, more of that! Creating communities of practice where everyone has a sense of belonging is essential as we strive toward humanizing practices that cultivate joy and inclusivity.

Join us as we share the power of developing a sense of belonging through coaching. Learn how to build a community of practice that fosters inclusion, connection, and growth with meaningful tips and practical steps for passionate educators. We will examine research-supported coaching practices that lead to a sense of belonging for leaders, teachers, and students.

In this edWebinar, attendees will:
Explore best practices for implementing inclusive communities of practice that create a sense of belonging
Identify concrete measures to cultivate meaningful connections that foster growth
Learn how effective coaching can elevate your community of practice and lead to students flourishing

This edWebinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, and district curriculum coordinators. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.