Supporting Students Learning English as a New Language (ENL) with Google Tools

04/27/2021 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Grade levels: Professional Development

Content areas: Digital Learning, Professional Development

Do you work with students whose primary language is not English? Google’s suite of free products includes several features that can help your students leverage their native language as they practice literacy skills. Join this session to learn about Google tools that will support your students learning English as a New Language (ENL).

This session is for teachers at ALL technology comfort levels.

OK2Ask sessions are hands-on exploratory workshops, not sit & gets. We highly recommend you attend using a computer with an updated browser (Chrome or Edge). Those attending on mobile devices may not be able to participate fully and, therefore, may not receive a certificate. You are welcome to join us on a mobile device, but this may jeopardize your ability to receive CEUs.

As a result of this session, teachers will:

Understand instructional approaches that are consistent with Universal Design for Learning (UDL);
Learn about tools that facilitate UDL practices in support of ENL students; and
Plan for the instructional use of the UDL-friendly strategies taught.
Applicable ISTE Standards for Educators (2017)*: 1A; 1B; 5A; 6B; 7B

* The text of these standards is copyrighted. Please read the full text on ISTE’s Standards page.