OSTA Webcast: Integrating Science Learning, Language Learning, and Computational Thinking with All Students, Including English Learners

11/18/2020 - 4:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Science, STEM

District/Organization: OSTA

Three emerging forces are shaping the landscape of STEM education: growing student diversity, increasing academic rigor of content standards, and advancing technological innovations. The convergence of broadening participation in STEM subjects through technological innovations represents the lives of students and teachers in classrooms and informal educational settings. As disciplinary practices in STEM subjects (e.g., develop models, argue from evidence, construct explanations) are language intensive, engagement in these practices presents both learning opportunities and demands to all students, especially English learners. The presentation will address contemporary perspectives on how to integrate three-dimensional science learning, language learning, and computational thinking with all students, including English learners. First, the presentation will briefly describe science (NGSS) and language instructional shifts. Then, it will describe how we integrate computational thinking and modeling into NGSS-aligned instruction. Participants will engage in a short computational thinking and modeling activity, and hear about preliminary results from field testing. Using classroom examples, this presentation will highlight the mutually supportive nature of instructional shifts in STEM learning and second language learning.