Future Ready Team Workshop: Creating High-Quality Hybrid, Blended, and Remote Learning Experiences

11/19/2020 - 7:00am to 12:30pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Digital Learning, Professional Development

Topics: future ready, Remote Learning, Distance Learning

District/Organization: Future Ready

In preparation for longer-term remote learning, future ready leaders have the opportunity to rethink and redesign their vision to ensure that high-quality instruction, particularly for historically marginalized groups, remains core to their school and district’s vision. Accordingly, it is important that leaders develop and communicate a flexible and fluid remote learning plan to address unanticipated emergency situations resulting in the closure of brick-and-mortar schools in the future. A high-quality remote learning plan that is ubiquitous, robust, and learner-centered ensures the continuity of learning despite extended periods of disruption. As time progresses and instructional and community needs evolve, leaders must reevaluate and refine their plan, continually seeking input from all stakeholders.

In this team-based workshop, your district of three or more educators will join teams from across the country collaborating to build networks of like-minded colleagues, generate feedback on practices, and share ideas and experiences that districts encounter through the creation of new and innovative learning models to meet the needs of students. We will explore current challenges, share strategies and stories of front-line successes, and look to future needs to design sustainable plans to support digital learning for all learners and locations well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

During the workshop we will:
develop strategies to articulate a vision for student-centered learning in a post–COVID-19 learning environment;
collaborate and explore solutions to current issues that create barriers for successful digital learning implementation; and
create plans for supporting virtual and blended learning now and in the future.

Join us to learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded districts from across the country!