Formative Assessment Strategies for Any Learning Environment

11/16/2020 - 12:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Assessment, Professional Development

District/Organization: edWeb

As teachers and leaders grapple with the learning gaps brought on by school closures in the spring, there has never been a more important time to “catch kids up.” In this edWebinar we will discuss how to leverage formative assessment to accelerate learning in all environments, whether in person, virtual, or hybrid. Through interactive conversations, we will explore strategies that teachers and students can use to answer John Hattie and Helen Timperley’s famous three questions: Where am I going? Where am I now? Where to next?

Participants will also receive a handout that includes examples of student and teacher actions to implement those strategies in all learning environments. Whether the majority of learning is virtual, face to face, or hybrid, establishing a routine for student self-assessment that easily transitions between any learning environment is essential.

This presentation will include a short demo of how Learning Sciences International’s Student Evidence Tracker supports student self-assessment. The Student Evidence Tracker starts at $3 per month per classroom.

This edWebinar will be of interest to preK-12 teachers and school and district leaders. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.