Cybersecurity: Keeping Everyone Safe in Today’s Learning Environments

10/12/2020 - 2:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Professional Development

District/Organization: edWeb

With school systems across the nation and the world now operating in face-to-face, hybrid and remote learning scenarios, assuring that all involved can function safely when leveraging the internet—for both participatory learning and school operations—has never been more critical. In this era of COVID-19, school systems have become one of the main targets for cyber criminals. Now, more than ever, school district leaders must know how to take appropriate actions to be sufficiently aggressive in getting ahead of cybersecurity threats and problems.

In this edWebinar, three leading superintendents, joined by CoSN’s Cybersecurity Initiative Project Director, share their perspectives and experiences in dealing with the complexities of managing and assuring cyber security in today’s K-12 learning environments. They will examine the liability concerns that arise when schools experience network security incidents and the impact those events can have on a district’s professional reputation as well as the effects cyber-attacks have on teaching and learning. Strategies for effectively preventing, managing and communicating cybersecurity threats will be shared.

This edWebinar is of particular value to superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, and aspiring school leaders. Participants have the opportunity to submit questions to the panelists during the live broadcast.