PBS Teacher Planning Kits for New School Routines

09/17/2020 - 4:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Professional Development

District/Organization: Share My Lesson

Join Laila Hirschfeld with PBS, Paula Hill with PBS Learning Media, educator Ashley Judd and Share My Lesson for a discussion on a new planning kit designed to help with the new school routines.

Educators. We just saw a meme that said if 2020 were a bag of potato chips, the flavor would be orange juice and toothpaste! Joking aside, we know this is a rough, uncertain school year, and we’re thrilled to provide supplemental materials to support you, no matter what your return to school or new school routine looks like. We have created an eight-week planning kit filled with relevant resources, free professional learning opportunities and support for your students’ families, which we will review in this one-hour webinar.

This series will discuss how to use the Teacher Planning Kits for New School Routines. The kits are intended to help teachers plan ahead, using media as the basis for lessons in your classroom, whether you’re teaching virtually or in person. We have connected many of our resources to live broadcast opportunities to help make the learning accessible to students who do not have internet connectivity. We’ll also use the time to take a brief tour of the PBS LearningMedia website, which offers thousands of free, standards-aligned resources.

Finally, we’ll highlight dozens of great resources and lessons you can use with your students—regardless of grade level—about the importance of civic engagement and the upcoming election. We hope you’ll join us, and also provide feedback about how we can continue to support you and your teaching practice.This webinar is for teachers of all grades: preK-12.