Webinar: Combining Powers: How Educators and Families Can Prepare Students for Kindergarten

05/13/2020 - 12:00pm

Grade levels: Professional Development, Pre-K, K

Content areas: Digital Learning, Early Learning, Professional Development

As we anticipate the close of an unprecedented school year while trying to prepare for the uncertainty of the back to school, we find comfort in acknowledging what all great educators know and what research supports: that learning needs to be joyful, child-friendly, and active.

We invite you to discover engaging, virtual, and hands-on strategies for preparing preK students for kindergarten in a time of distance learning. Join Roxanne Thompson, OTR, and Katrina Erickson, OTR, who are both national workshop presenters for Learning Without Tears, to discuss early learning guidelines for preK children and develop a solid understanding of effective ways to teach letter and number formation using digital teaching technology. Both Roxanne and Cathy have worked in both school- and home-based settings and are eager to share these innovative, research-based strategies for enriching preK instruction with you.

This edWebinar will be of interest to preK teachers, preschool curriculum directors, and district leaders. There will be time to have your questions answered at the end of the presentation.