Improving Regular Attendance with Juvenile Justice Online

04/09/2020 - 8:30am to 3:30pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: All Content Areas

District/Organization: Willamette Educational Service District

Det. Rich Wistocki Identifying and Intercepting School Violence Through Cyber Investigations

Law Enforcement and School Officials need the proper information when responding to threats of school violence online, especially when there is “Leakage” and the posting party is targeting students and school personnel. The LEO and School Administrator must obtain crucial information and evidence and initiate due process paperwork in a timely manner. The LEO will then continue the investigation and use the Exigent Circumstances protocol to get the appropriate information. Identifying the perpetrator immediately provides the ability to act quickly and proactively to reduce the threat of school shootings and other forms of violence.

Who should attend? Your school or district designee for student behavior… Attendance Specialists ~ Principals ~ Lead Teachers in Charge of Discipline ~ Intervention Specialist ~ SRO’s ~ CIP Team Members ~ Counselors ~ HSS Coordinators ~ Dean of Students ~ Assistant Principals/Administrators ~ Law Enforcement Partners

What should attendees bring? Laptop computer

Be able to access work email

Be able to download Snagit on free trial

Be able to download Investigative toolbar

Purpose: Understand how to identify cyber bullies.

How current laws affect children who commit these crimes

Learn about Restorative Justice Online diversion System

Learn how to investigate and process juveniles in a diversionary program

Benefits: Contribute to your Student Investment Account plan

Recognizing Cyberbullying, Sexting and Sextortion

What Information does Law Enforcement Need to help the student

Protecting Faculty from Social Media Trolls

Being able to give Diversion through Restorative Justice Programming online

Cyber Training for students