SOIL 511 (3 credits) - Soil: A Natural and Societal Resource

01/06/2020 - 12:00am

Grade levels: Professional Development, Higher ed

Content areas: Career & Technical, Digital Learning, Professional Development, Science

Topics: Soil Science, Earth Science, soils, Environmental Science

District/Organization: Oregon State University, Corvallis: Crop and Soil Science Dept

In Land Grant colleges, “soil science” most commonly includes studying soil biological, chemical, and physical properties and how to manage these properties for food, fiber, feed, and fuel needs. Less-studied aspects are: How do various societal groups, from individuals to Nation States, view soil resources? Why is dirt not soil? How can soil classification help transfer soil property and management information about “like soils” from one region of a country to another? Or, from one Nation State to another? If interested in collegial dialogue about interactions between soil science principles and diverse societal values in their use, management, or protection, consider registering for Ecampus’ 3-credit online SOIL 511 course in the Winter 2020 term. A SOIL 511 Case Study includes sufficient flexibility to include major Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) themes. These include: developmental progression, integration of scientific knowledge and practices, and cross-cutting concepts.