Big Ideas in Education

09/19/2019 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: All Content Areas, Assessment, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Digital Learning, Math, Other, Professional Development, Reading

Topics: Student Engagement, Special Education, Student Assessment, Learning Environments, innovation, research

District/Organization: Education Week

Big Ideas in Education 2019

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Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019
1 to 3 p.m. ET, 10 to 12 p.m. PST

Join Education Week‘s special guests as we take a deep dive with you into the issues that have the potential to define—or redefine—education. What do these ideas have in common? They all share a sense of urgency—now we look to you, the Education Week reader to weigh in, get your questions answered, and think deeply on how to address the Big Ideas in K-12 education.

• 1:00–2:30 p.m. ET | #K12BigIdeas Discussions Open
Education Week journalists and guests provide practical takeaways on student-centered learning

Discussion 1: Are the Kids Right? Is School Boring, And Can We Do Something About It?
‣ Moderator: Kevin Bushweller, Executive Editor, EdWeek Market Brief
‣ Out-of-school learning is often more meaningful than anything that happens in a classroom. How can educators make school more interesting for students? How can schools surmount the relevance gap?

Discussion 2: Special Education Is Broken. Where Do We Go From Here?
‣ Moderator: Christina A. Samuels, Associate Editor, Education Week
‣ What is the future of special education? Forty years since students with disabilities were legally guaranteed a public school education, many still don’t receive the education they deserve. Policies, practices, and funding are at a crossroads with the education law. The bill is 10 years overdue for reauthorization, what questions should we consider if Congress picks up the law again?

Discussion 3: Year-End Testing: Are We Learning Yet?
‣ Moderator: Stephen Sawchuk, Associate Editor, Education Week
‣ A world without annual testing may be closer than you think, but it would come with some serious tradeoffs. Is it really time to kill annual testing? What would be the alternatives and the disadvantages?

Discussion 4: The Black Achievement Paradox Nobody’s Talking About
‣ Moderator: Daarel Burnette II, Staff Writer, Education Week
‣ What can we learn from how military-affiliated K-12 schools educate children whose lives—and learning—are constantly disrupted by moves, new friends, emotional challenges, and more. Emerging research on military-connected students and a new ESSA mandate will be able to shine light on an unusual finding: Black students in these schools outperform their civilian peers.

Discussion 5: Does K-12 Have an Innovation Problem?
‣ Moderator: Benjamin B. Herold, Staff Writer, Education Week
‣ Are education leaders spending too much time chasing the latest tech trends rather than trying to maintain what they have? Is there a way to bring students into the process of making decisions that are right for the schools and the teachers who educate them. And how can schools and districts be more thoughtful and realistic about what innovation means within limited budgets?

Discussion 6: How Do Educators See Innovation?
‣ Moderator: Education Week Research Center
‣ What do teachers, principals, and districts think about “innovation” initiatives in their schools? Where do you come down on the need to impress stakeholders (parents, business, the community) with how innovative your schools are, your teaching is, your aspirations are? In this dialogue, the Education Week Research Center will offer insights and takeaways from their recent national survey.

• 2:30–3:00 p.m. ET | Final Wrap-up
Big Ideas in Education: In Conversation With Education Week
Led by the Commentary Editor Elizabeth Rich, the Education Week newsroom will close out the day with insights from the discussions they’ve had with you, the readers.

Instructors include:
• Kevin Bushweller, Executive Editor, EdWeek Market Brief
• Christina A. Samuels, Associate Editor, Education Week
• Stephen Sawchuk, Associate Editor, Education Week
• Daarel Burnette II, Staff Writer, Education Week
• Benjamin B. Herold, Staff Writer, Education Week
• Elizabeth Rich, Commentary Editor, Education Week