2019 Digital Design Event

09/26/2019 - 8:00am to 2:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: Assessment, Career & Technical, Digital Learning, Early Learning, Elementary Ed, Library and Media, Professional Development, Secondary Ed, STEM

Topics: #DigitalTeachingandLearning #DigitalDesign #DigitalCurriculum #EdTech

District/Organization: the Learning Counsel

• Leading – Having a design for digital transition.
• Planning – Considering digital in learning mapping, user interface and user experience.
• Tech Directing – Data mapping, managing disparate Apps, and making it all work.
• Teaching – Discovering a tech balance and transparency. Discussions Include:
• Personalization
• Becoming “Transparent”
• Social-Emotional Learning
• Single Sign-ON
• Discovery Learning inside Learning Management Systems
• Virtual Reality
• Adaptive Digital Curriculum
• And more
Registration Opens 8:00 am – Breakfast

Welcome Introductions
Share-to-Care Educator Speaker
Show-&-Discuss Sponsor Speaker
Table Discussions (6-8 Topics to Join)***

Show-&-Discuss Sponsor Speaker
National Digital Curriculum Survey Market Research Briefing on Tech Transition in Schools
Show-&-Discuss Sponsor Speaker

Design for Digital Principles & How to Self-Assess
Show-&-Discuss Sponsor Speaker

Sharp Tank
Design for Digital Discussion
Show-&-Discuss Sponsor Speaker
Educator Panel & Whole Group Discussion
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