Disability Studies: Investigating the Social Model for Disability and it’s Implications for Education (online)

07/15/2019 - 10:00am to 08/19/2019 - 10:00am

Grade levels: All Grade Levels, Professional Development

Content areas: All Content Areas

Topics: Disability, Students with Disabilities

District/Organization: Lewis and Clark Graduate School

Every educator will encounter disabled students and grapple with how to successfully foster learning and inclusion in diverse classes. This course introduces Disability Studies, a liberation movement discipline that offers unique insight into these endeavors, and aligns inclusion for disabled students with multi-cultural education and other diversity initiatives.

Through assigned readings and communal online discussion among professional peers, we will investigate philosophical, pedagogical, and pragmatic approaches to inclusion, equity, diversity and academic standards as they pertain to disabled students.

Teachers, counselors, administrators, specialists, psychologists, and academics should all emerge from this course with the intellectual framework, historical context, and practical skills to deepen their professional practice and help promote social justice—both within the sphere of education and in the wider world.

- Week 1: What is Disability? The social vs. the medical model.
- Week 2: Historical Perspectives: The disability rights movement, and emergence of Disability Studies as a scholarly discipline/area of research.
- Week 3: Disability Narratives in Education: Legal framework, school culture, and classroom practice.
- Week 4: Nothing About Us without Us: Lived experience narratives and counter-culture activity.
- Week 5: Course Reflection: How Disability Studies in Education informs practice, Universal Design, embracive vs. remedial instruction, disability and diversity, inclusion successes and challenges, future directions.

Graduate Continuing Education Credit: CEED-866-23, 1 semester hour, $350 (generally considered equivalent to 30 Professional Development Units for licensure requirements or salary scale advancement in education)