Interrupting Hate in Public Spaces

03/03/2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Grade levels:
All Grade Levels, Professional Development, Higher ed
Content areas:
All Content Areas
Lewis and Clark Graduate School

The vast majority of us agree that we must ensure the safety of our communities. Yet, we are living in a moment when public vitriol is skyrocketing and tensions flare at a moment’s notice. While almost every other city in the nation has seen an increase of 20% in hate incidents from 2016 to 2017, Portland has seen an increase of 200%, with Oregon leading the nation in hate incidents per capita.

This workshop will provide a theoretically grounded practical opportunity to successfully address this crisis. Using tools and methodologies proven over decades from the foundational text: Training Active Bystanders by Dr. Ervin Staub, we will build a culture of peace, welcome, mutual appreciation and love by learning and engaging in active non-violence. Participants will leave confident of their ability to support and empower targets by:

Identifying and tapping into the skills, experiences and values they already have to support their neighbors more effectively
Identifying, understanding and overcoming what inhibits them from becoming active bystanders
Learning and practicing specific tactics for interrupting verbal hate in public, centering the experience of the target and empowering the target to create safety for themselves
Learning specific tactics for protecting themselves from verbal abuse
Understanding the risks inherent in any hostile situation
Discerning what not to do to escalate the situation.