Tinker. Code. Make.

01/06/2018 - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Grade levels:
All Grade Levels
Content areas:
Digital Learning, Elementary Ed, Library and Media, Math, Science, Secondary Ed, STEM
STEAM, Maker / MakerSpaces, Tinker, Code
Beaverton School District

Tinker.Code.Make is a free workshop designed for teachers to come and get hands-on experience on a number of different STEAM items so they can get ideas to integrate into their classroom curriculum. The day will start off with a variety of different STEAM activities to explore in the hands on tinker zone. Educators will have time to browse the different stations and pick two things in which to take a deeper dive with a hands-on activity. Educators will be able to decide what they want to learn. There will also be cardboard in a makerspace area to perform different design challenges and tasks. Come over to Westview High School and network with other teachers in the Portland area. Breakfast and snacks will be provided by Wonder Workshop.  

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