Webinar: Assisting Struggling Students with Mathematics

09/21/2017 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Grade levels: All Grade Levels

Content areas: Math

Topics: math, Response to Intervention/Instruction (RTIi)

District/Organization: Regional Educational Laboratory Central

The strategies communicated in this webinar will help those who provide math intervention to understand evidence-based strategies for effectiveness. Access to course pathways and STEM careers is often dependent on students’ success in Algebra I (Snipes & Finklestein, 2015). Starting as early as kindergarten, math instruction should focus on concepts and skills that will prepare students for success in algebra, with a particular focus on whole numbers and rational numbers in grades 4-8 (National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008). In addition to focused instruction, students need access to interventions to address mathematics difficulties that could prevent success in algebra (National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008). This webinar will present research-based approaches to assisting students who are struggling in math, focusing on recommendations from an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) practice guide (Gersten et al., 2009), with specific examples of instructional strategies related to those recommendations (Dougherty, Bryant, Bryant, Darrough, & Pfannenstiel, 2015).