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Alternative compensation has taken on a whole new look, moving away from a focus on student test scores to realizing that there are many other components of being an effective educator.

Let’s follow Richard, a middle school digital native whose school has adopted a personalized approach to learning. 8:00—Richard wakes up to an alarm from his smartphone charging next to his bed and checks his reminders. He notes that he has an English project due in two days and that he needs to check with his friend Chris in his science class today about their genetics’ experiment.

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McMinnville High School Principal, Dr. Kris Olsen, has been named Oregon High School Principal of the Year by the Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators. “I am honored by this recognition of the work we do for students,” said Olsen. “This is a collective honor for our whole MHS team,” he said. “The tremendous dedication and hard work of staff have created a school environment that helps students be successful.”