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ODE is looking for Educators and leaders with responsibility to lead, coach and/or provide professional development around technology integration in their school, district or ESD who might be interested in joining the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre.

The Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre (Cadre) disseminates best practices targeting innovative technology integration into teaching and learning by:

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The 2017 Oregon Legislative season has wrapped up with the signed and passed bills now moving on to the state agencies for implementation. One such bill passed this year is HB2257, which allows the Oregon Department of Education to waive the fee, under limited circumstances, for submissions of Open Educational Resources to the state instructional materials review and adoption process. In order to implement this law, rules will need to be written to govern the fee waiver process.

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I am nothing else if not a learner. There are few things more exciting to me than understanding a completely new idea and seeing where it fits into my current schema. In that light, I’ve learned two such concepts that have refined the way I think about digital learning.