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ODE is Looking for Educators and Leaders

If you have responsibility to:

  • Lead,
  • Coach, or;
  • Provide professional development around technology integration/digital learning,

Please consider joining the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre (Cadre). We disseminate best practices targeting innovative technology integration into teaching and learning by:

The Oregon Department of Education is accepting reviewer nominations for the 2018 Social Sciences evaluation of instructional materials. District administrators and supervisors are encouraged to nominate teachers, curriculum specialists, or other experienced professionals with expertise in Social Sciences for grades K-12.

Red A, B, and C letters in grass with a child's hand picking up the letter C.

Amazon has been working on a platform for K-12 educators to share and discover Open Educational Resources (OERs) in support or the #GoOpen Initiative started by US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology. The platform, called Amazon Inspire, has been in a closed beta state since June 2016, but is now open for anyone to join. Educators may use an existing Amazon.com account or create a new account with their school/work email address.