OregonEdNet Plan

Over the past several years, The OregonEdNet has served as a space for educator connection and resource sharing among educators throughout Oregon. All of your contributions have built this community to encourage and build upon the expertise of Oregon’s educators. As is often the case with software, we have come to a point where some changes need to be made due to the age of Drupal 7, the software platform that OregonEdNet was built on.

By fall of 2022, support for Drupal 7 will be retiring. Keeping the OregonEdNet would require a significant investment of resources to rebuild it on a newer platform. Last year, the Oregon Department of Education launched the Oregon Open Learning Hub, which leverages a national community for resource sharing. We will be working to retire the OregonEdNet rather than investing in rebuilding the site, and instead we will be supporting the continued development of the Oregon Open Learning Hub and the community there.

Timeline and Plan for OregonEdNet

We will begin phasing out the Educator Profiles, Resources, and Groups sections of OregonEdNet over the next six months. The OregonEdNet also hosts a calendar for professional learning opportunities and the strategies database, and we will continue to maintain these sections for the foreseeable future.

  • April 9, 2021 - September 2021: The OregonEdNet remains active with ability for members to view and download content. 
    • No new user accounts can be created. 
    • No new groups or resources can be added.
  • October 2021 forward: The OregonEdNet can be accessed to view the calendar of professional learning opportunities and access the strategies database. Users can submit professional learning opportunities to be added to the calendar, which are then reviewed by an ODE moderator before being posted to the calendar. 
    • Account log in is no longer available.
    • Groups, resources, and educator profiles are no longer available.

We encourage you to make a plan for downloading or moving any content that you have uploaded to the OregonEdNet and want to retain access to. For any resources that you have ownership rights to or for resources that are openly licensed, we encourage you to consider adding these to the groups on the Oregon Open Learning Hub. If you have questions about downloading or moving content, or any other questions about the changes to the OregonEdNet platform, please contact Vanessa Clark at vanessa.clark@state.or.us. We hope to see you on the Oregon Open Learning Hub!