Join the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre

Digital Innovations Team

ODE is Looking for Educators and Leaders

If you have responsibility to:

  • Lead,
  • Coach, or;
  • Provide professional development around technology integration/digital learning,

Please consider joining the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre (Cadre). We disseminate best practices targeting innovative technology integration into teaching and learning by:

  • Providing forums for networking and ongoing collaborative work,
  • Integrating proven and emerging technology effectively to support standards-based learning and teaching,
  • Modeling and practicing effective instructional strategies,
  • Focusing on exemplary professional learning to improve practice.

About Cadre for 2018-19

In 2018-19, Cadre will meet four days for synchronous meetings. These dates are September 25-26, 2018 and March 19-20, 2019. Between these two dates, there will be several facilitated field trips to a variety of destinations - from classrooms to manufacturing floors. Successful applicants will be required to attend one, and may have the opportunity to attend multiple field trips. The series of meetings and field trips is designed to improve practice and build networks of colleagues around the state who are all working to improve digital learning opportunities for our students. Attendance at all events provides participants a strong connection to others who can provide feedback, technical assistance and a professional learning community that has been going for 17 years.

Expectations of Participants

  1. Attend all four days of face-to-face meetings and at least 1 field trip.
  2. Participate wholeheartedly with an innovator’s mindset.
  3. Share activities, lessons, and strategies learned at Cadre with your district or ESD.

Below you will find a link to the application for the 2018-19 Oregon Ed Tech Professional Development Cadre along with a registration form. The application gives us information about participants that helps us in our planning. The registration form is what you send to the Oregon Department of Education Business Office along with payment. You can use same registration form for multiple participants from a district, however each participant is required to complete the application. Payment for the entire year must be paid within 2 months of invoice. There will be no discounts for meetings missed due to scheduling or other conflicts. Registrations may not be split between people and are non-transferrable. The cost will be $100 per person for the year. This covers meals during the meetings and materials. It does not cover travel, lodging or per diem for meals outside of the meeting times.

2018-19 Dates:

  • September 25-26th at the Oregon Department of Education, Salem, OR,
  • Participate in one or more field trips - dates and destinations are forthcoming,
  • March 19-20th at Willamette ESD, Salem, OR.

Please join us for the 2018-19 Oregon Ed Tech Professional Development Cadre!

Each participant must complete the 2018-19 Cadre Registration.

Districts/schools/ESDs/Organizations should complete an Invoice.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Digital Innovations Team at the Department of Education at

Looking forward to seeing you at Cadre!

The ODE Digital Innovations Team

Carla Wade, Interim Director, Data Operations and Grants Management

Melissa Garner, Digital Innovations Education Specialist

Vanessa Clark, Digital Innovations Program Analyst