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Over the past several years, The OregonEdNet has served as a space for educator connection and resource sharing among educators throughout Oregon. All of your contributions have built this community to encourage and build upon the expertise of Oregon’s educators. As is often the case with software, we have come to a point where some changes need to be made due to the age of Drupal 7, the software platform that OregonEdNet was built on.


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The Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre (Cadre) is a community of educators committed to learning about incorporating technology into effective instructional practice. Cadre is intended to support the work of those who have the responsibility to lead, coach, or provide professional development around technology integration and/or digital learning. We disseminate best practices targeting innovative technology integration into teaching and learning by:

Are you new to OregonEdNet? Need help figuring out what it can do? Or would you like a guide to share with colleagues to help them learn how to use the site? The webinar, Using OregonEdNet to Help Educators Connect, is now available as a recording. The webinar includes a tutorial on using the Resources section, the Strategies database, and using the Groups section to meaningfully connect with educators whether they are nearby or scattered across the state.