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For LaNesha Tabb, the arc of the school year is a bit like a joke being played on kindergarten teachers: “You work all year long to get these kids awesome. By April and May, you’re like, ‘Yes!’ And then they leave and you get a whole new batch of brand new babies that need your help.” This...
What's the definition of synchronous learning? In Short, synchronous learning occurs when students learn the same thing at the same time. The post The Definition Of Synchronous Learning appeared first on TeachThought.
My current book club has prompted some past revelations.
They reduce the opportunities to explore creativity in subjects. If we want to create students that solve problems, we need to start from the beginning. The post Creating Students That Solve Problems appeared first on TeachThought.
Another trend that I noticed during my three-month experiment with remote learning is that about sixty percent of my students were active participants in the work that we were doing together. I felt good about that simply because it was a pretty high percentage of participating students compared to...


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