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The need to be rational collides with the enormous complexity and scale of the circumstances teachers face. The post The Two Minds Of An Educator appeared first on TeachThought.
There’s new evidence that girls start out with the same math abilities as boys. A study of 104 children from ages 3 to 10 found similar patterns of brain activity in boys and girls as they engaged in basic math tasks, researchers reported Friday in the journal Science of Learning. “They...
How can you create a classroom that works in a way the brain 'likes' to learn? The post 8 Ways To Create A Brain-Friendly Classroom appeared first on TeachThought.
Childhood trauma causes serious health repercussions throughout life and is a public health issue that calls for concerted prevention efforts. That’s the takeaway of a report published Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Experiencing traumatic things as a child puts...
While screen time certainly matters, focusing only on time is like developing a literacy program that focuses only on 'minutes read.' The post Why Worrying About Screen Time Might Be The Wrong Approach appeared first on TeachThought.


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